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Casio Keyboard
Starting Bigshots
New Project Tie Point
Traverse Computation
Lot Data Area
Old Survey/Boundary
Parallel Subdivision
Cut Area Subdivision
Settings / Stake Out
Random Side Shots
Common Point with Rotation
Coordinate Transformation
True Azimuth from Solar Obs
Geographic to Grid Coord
Back up and Restore Data
Restore Programs
Upload to PC/ AutoCAD
Printing Computations
License Agreement
About the Author


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  • BPI Account Number......0849-0332-04
  • BDO Account Number....1810-0904-48
  • Metrobank Account........348-3-34813488-5
  • MvLhuillier Any Branch
Once payment is confirmed unit will be sent via LBC or JRS. Please allow 2 to three days delivery.

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Bigshots PC Land Survey Program $180 per unit

Casio fx9860G II SD with Bigshots PC software $320 per unit

Casio fx9860G II SD unit only $170 per unit

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