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1.   Keyboard Familiarization











                      Function Keys -----------------> 


                      Shift Key ----------------------à                         <--------------- --------MENU Key           

                                                                                                          <-------------REPLAY Arrow Keys

                      XoT Key ---------------------à                              ß-------------------- EXIT Key                    



                      F<->D Key ------------------------à

                                                                                                <---------- AC  and DEL Keys       




                ß-------- EXE key




Check the following  keys if you have identified them in your actual unit.  

    F-D      XoT      EXIT      EXE      DEL     MENU      F1-F6      SHIFT       AC                        

2.  Starting Bigshots Menu

1.   Press  AC to put on the unit. 

      Casio Main Menu will be displayed.



      2.   Highlight the icon PRGM using the replay arrow keys.

      3.   Press EXE to display program list.






4.        Press EXE while BIGSHOTS is highlighted to

         start the  survey program.                                                       




5.        Press  0 to exit  or the EXIT key.  Press EXE

 to go Back  to program list.




6.        Press MENU to return to CASIO Menu.

7.        In the event the screen asks you to “Enter PIN”  enter your given PIN code

8.        Sometimes PIN code must be entered twice for confirmation.

9.        To put off the unit press  SHIFT AC.