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Casio Keyboard
Starting Bigshots
New Project Tie Point
Traverse Computation
Lot Data Area
Old Survey/Boundary
Parallel Subdivision
Cut Area Subdivision
Settings / Stake Out
Random Side Shots
Common Point with Rotation
Coordinate Transformation
True Azimuth from Solar Obs
Geographic to Grid Coord
Back up and Restore Data
Restore Programs
Upload to PC/ AutoCAD
Printing Computations
License Agreement
About the Author


Welcome to LAND Survey Program.

This manual was prepared as a supplement to the first manual and the answer to the clamor of various users for a more simplified and understandable manual. The approach I made is more of a tutorial to familiarize with the users on the step by step procedure while a screen capture is displayed for each step. This manual therefore will introduce the users to the basic operation while a more exhaustive manual is being still prepared.

I would like to thank all the officers and members of the Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines specially the National, Regional, Provincial and Area assembly officers for providing me the opportunity to discuss this new programmable calculator. I am also grateful to DENR LMS RTDs and Surveys Division Chief for procuring this unit for field computation and verification of surveys.

Aside from this manual I have also uploaded demo videos to Youtube.com so that users can have an actual view of the steps in this manual. More videos will be uploaded as soon as they are produced. Also becoming a member of the yahoo group Bigshots_Survey will also provide the opportunity to discuss the procedures as well as commonly encountered problems. I will also be an avenue for discussion among users and a mechanism for suggesting improvements.

-- Bert Recamunda

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